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your fitness performance and eating habits are interconnected?

As much as exercise is important, so is food. When we are stronger physically, it reflects in our mental health as well. Fitness nutrition is all about eating the right foods to support intense activities. Nutrition is the king in any fitness program. When the recovery between and post workouts appear to be poor, it might be a result of lack of nutrition support in your body. Tired muscles are normal but cramp body after waking up is not.

If you are a workout enthusiast with no nutrition plan, let me tell you that you are simply wasting your efforts with little or no results. This might also lead to bigger health risks including injuries, hormonal imbalances and prolonged fatigue. It is our mission to empower you to overcome your hurdles to measure success by numbers. We offer range of customized nutrition services whether it is for muscle building or fat loss or supplement strategy.

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I was suffering from fatiguness and gastric problems due to obesity . There was not much difference in my weight though I had good food like vegetables, fruits , whole Read More... wheat products on daily basis and was feeling lethargic to excercise. Firstly,I thank my friend - Sandeep for recommending Silky. It's been just a month since I have started My Diet plan and it has changed my lifestyle tremendously. She helped to lose 32 kgs in span of 6 months via South Indian vegetarian food and without any supplements.I got this result without any muscle loss and considerable fat loss.

My energy levels has improved which helped my mental fitness and concentration. Due to obesity, I had inferior complexity which is not anymore. My stamina has improved a lot. I am grateful to Silky for the top notch diet counseling , she explains everything in detail and responds to all the queries quickly . I am now very confident that I can achieve my goals. Also, I am thankful to my family for their support without which this would not have possible.

Lohits KS
Lead database administrator | Fitness Nutrition

Before consulting Dr. Silky Mahajan, I was into a self-designed weight loss program which involved eating healthy and exercising regularly. But even after a year of reading Read More...various books and blogs and following my program, I was not achieving what I wanted. Rather I had hit the reverse gear. Finally one day I searched in google for the best nutritionist in Bangalore and found her. When I met her, I had lost all hope on loosing my weight. She heard out to all the details carefully. She took all the necessary information, body vitals and designed a program for my body type.

She explained to me what I was doing wrong and what was required for my body. TADA, 1 month into the program the scale was dropping, and in a period of 4 months I had dropped 8 kgs, which was a distant dream just few months back. She has educated me not only for weight loss, but in general for my well being. I will consult her for the rest of my life to maintain good health. She is very patient and polite. There is always a smile on her face irrespective of her stress levels. Thank you Dr. Silky Mahajan for all your efforts. I will recommend her 100% as she is one of the knowledgeable yet simplistic dietitian I have come across.

Sneha K
Fitness Enthusiast | Fitness Nutrition

My experience with Silky has been excellent its been a month and I am lighter by 6 kgs - feel healthier and energetic / my parameters have improved and I am Read More... more motivated to hit my goal. Key is she is a guide it is upon the individual how serious one is on his or her purpose and leverage her skill to the max.

a) Transparent and open communication
b) SMART goals setting - Specific / measurable / achievable / realistic/ timebound

c) non- monotonous Menu and no hesitstion in explaining it multiple times
d) Review period - proactive follow up from her clinic on schedule fixing and flexible e) her positive attitude in solving the problem is half battle won
f) makes you a partner in the goal
g) understand the routine and aids with video clips on exercise and alternate option on food whcih can be consumed Areas of Improvement - need to compelte my session -- nothing significant so far

Vinod Mathews
Director | Fitness Nutrition

I found out the details about her from practo and going to her was the best decision of my life. I was extremely overweight and having few health issues because of that. Read More...It's been 7-8 months I have been following the diet along with few workouts suggested by her and managed to lose around 30 kilos so far, which has changed everything. Almost all my health problems are gone and I am full of energy and feel confident and look much better.So I would highly recommend her to all of them who are looking forward to do something good with their body and lifeā€¦

Ria Dasgupta
IT Professional | Fitness Nutrition

I am feeling very lucky that I met DT. Silky Mahajan a month ago .If you want to become fit and looking for weight loss then this is the best place. She is an amazing lady who will Read More...transform you in a different personality. Her diet chart is so easy to follow in a busy day to day life and you can see the drastic change in a month. She will keep a check on your health issues also. When I met her for the first time, she made me believe that I can do this. Thank you so much Ma'am for all the support, guidance and encouragement. Love you loads.

Shaily Shilpa
Fitness Nutrition

I have been taking nutrition services from silky mahajan for the past 3 months. I am a regular gym goer for the past 3 years but didn't see much improvement. Read More...As i am pure vegeterian it was difficult to build muscle. I had been in good shape, but i had accident and could train for 4-5 months and my body fat percentage was 29.5%. So i met silky mahajan to lose body fat. After 3 months of following the diet correctly my body fat is 19%. Diet was fun to follow, she understood what is wanted to acheive through the diet plan. After following the diet plan i was recovering pretty fast.

Prateek P Kulkarni
Fitness Nutrition

I started as a 94 kilo depressed young IT worker slogging all day and terribly fat(fat %was 32%). The doctor not only gave me a diet that would Read More...change my physique but also motivated me with her friendliness. Now I'm 81 kilo, 20% body fat and now working on getting ripped. This has changed my life.

Fitness Nutrition

I had put on a lot of weight in the last 7 to 8 years and was feeling very low about my body. Was attempting different ways of losing weight. None of them were giving lasting results. Read More...During one of a casual discussions my friend recommended me Silky and praised highly about her. I decided to consult Silky. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Silky is very friendly and answers all the queries with lot of patience. Within two months of the consultation, I have reduced around 10 kgs

Avinash Horahatti
Fitness Nutrition

I have been trying to loose weight and get lean for almost 3 years. Even though I was active on gym and trekking I was unable to loose weight and get lean. Read More... I tried multiple apps but nothing worked. When I visited her, she understood my body type and where I was going wrong. She is friendly, listens to you carefully and is very responsive to all the queries and doubts. Within 4 weeks I saw tremendous changes and most importantly I didn't feel that I am missing anything in my diet, infact her diet plan improved my stamina and focus.

Akriti Agarwal
Fitness Nutrition
Disclaimer: Results vary based on multiple factors such as gender, age, genetics, activity factor & compliance on Diet & other instructions.
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