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It is hard to ignore
the link between nutrition and health

Majority of people regularly consume fast foods like pizza, burgers, fries and ice cream. These foods are high in unhealthy fats, sugar and salt and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals. While there is no denying that these foods taste good when you eat them but it's your body which at the end pays the price. Perhaps, if these foods make up the majority of your diet, you might find yourself in need of dietary intervention. This intervention is regarded as Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).

We consider MNT as a vital approach in fighting illnesses because of the following reasons:

  • Allows patients to better manage their medical conditions by reducing/eliminating symptoms
  • Slowing the progress of the disease
  • Lowering the risk for future chronic illnesses

We offer this therapeutic approach to treat medical conditions and their associated symptoms. We devise a specifically tailored diet and monitor them as it gets used to your body. Today, MNT has become a valuable tool in the management of many common health problems seen.

Our nutrition therapy includes:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment and diagnosis
  • Development of a personalized nutrition plan founded on evidence-based dietary guidelines
  • Follow-ups with a dietician to track progress and make needed adjustments to the nutrition plan
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My search for an Excellent Nutritionist ends with Silky Mahajan. I have been searching for a Pragmatic and friendly Dietitian/ Nutritionist for 2 decades. Read More...I used to make it point at the end of every Master Heath checkup to meet Dietitian/ Nutritionist. I was fed up of hearing every time Eat Low Fat High Fiber diet or Prescription of standard template of certain calorie diet plan. The fact is the foods quantity and number of items suggested were more than what I was eating or not in line with my Life style. So, I was ignoring except taking the concept of eating Low Fat High Fiber foods to the best of my knowledge.

To end this scenario, I gave serious thought and was very much impressed with Silky Mahajan profile and thought to give a try with her. My 10% feel of as she may be specialist for sports personalities was erased in my 1st appointment and noticed her versatility. In my 1st appointment itself I am so convinced by her approach and decided to Nutrition plan with her.

She prepares detailed Nutrition plans for each day and from Wake up to Sleep considering the life style, Constitution, Character, Eating habits and Culinary modes. She listens to concerns and studies the previous health records to interpret for a workable solution. And also, she modifies the Nutrition plan per individual likings or practicalities to achieve the results. The best part with her is her availability of 24/7 and prompt response. Every time I pose layman’s quarries, she answers in a polite and commanding way and convince me about her approach. In fact, I might have not enjoyed the taste of many variety of foods if I have not met her.

In compliance to the Nutrition plan the results on border line HbA1c are in desired direction and encouraging. It is planned to continue for another 6 months. Again, an important point, there is no miracle for any complaint. Though she puts her expert and wisdom, its essential to follow the Nutrition plan 100% and wait for the results.

Murthy A.S.
Self Employed | Medical Nutrition

I have reduced my diabetes tablet intake by 50%, and HBA1C is well within control. I have reduced my weight by 5 kgs and waist has reduced by 4 inches. I feel more energetic now. Read More... I cannot believe, all this could happen just by following the diet given by DT Silky Mahajan. I am grateful to her for the health. I could get at the age of 56, which I never thought of. I want many others to be get this benefit.

Harish Davanam
Director, Davanam Jewellers | Medical Nutrition

I was searching for good Nutritionist to help me to cure my medical issues. While going through different Nutritionists on Internet I came across Dt. Silky Mahajan. Read More... After reading her reviews I decided to consult her and got her appointment after one week. Diet and Exercise recommended by her worked like magic. First month I found it diff to follow but from month 2 I got habitual to it. She not only helped me whenever I had queries but also motivated me to achieve my targets. I found her very polite, professional and dedicated towards her work.

Rithesha Paul
Medical Nutrition

I had walked in after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I was quite shocked by my diagnosis and it was then that I turned towards your Food and Nutrition clinic to see if I Read More...could get some help in fighting against the onset of diabetes.

Of course I had undergone several other weight-loss programs too before So the reason I came to you was
a) Sustainable weight loss therapy
b) Ensuring that I move from pre-diabetic to non-diabetic

Rekha Jain
Medical Nutrition

Approached Silky for Medical Nutrition based on recommendation from one of my colleague. I was suffering from multiple health issues including Cholesterol, Diabetes. Read More...Also I was overweight too. She understood my case very well and recommended me diet based on my health conditions and medical reports. Not only diet even I found fitness advice also very effective. I followed her diet for 3 months and I have recovered very well. As mentioned in many reviews I totally agree with 3 points: she is very polite, positive and process oriented. Best part is, easily approachable. Very professional and result oriented service. Thank you.

Ravi Garg
Manager, MNC | Medical Nutrition

Thanks to Silky Mam for her wonderful support in my weight loss journey. She is really wonderful when it comes to her Job. I have lost around 7 kg in 2 months of time span. Read More... I have Hypothyroidism and it was very difficult for me to reduce even a single kg, good thing is my fat % has reduced much. She gives a very simple and easy to follow diet which we need to follow properly. I have 6 kilos to reduce more and she is in constant touch with me to help me out. I am super happy that i consulted her and would highly recommend her who wants to reduce weight in a healthy way.

Rashmi Patil
Medical Nutrition

Approached Silky Ma’am with few medical issues (low vitamin D, Uric Acid: 7.9, HBA1C: 7, Cholesterol issues) and for weight loss. Initial months were difficult Read More... because of few restrictions to my favorite foods. But receiving her constant motivation helped me not to loose the track. It’s been 6 months into her program and I have lost almost 15 kgs weight. My medical conditions improved drastically. Found her very professional yet friendly.

Ramesh M
Medical Nutrition

My decision to visit Silky Mahajan has really paid off. I had been suffering from anxiety and depression for quite sometime and has been taking psychiatric medication. Read More... Because of that, i had gained weight from 60 kg to 68kg. Just then I thought of some dietician / nutritionist and found her name based on reviews. After first visit, we were convinced that we have made a right decision and now we just have to determined to follow the diet. Within a month, I started getting results. I took 3 month basic plan and each month the diet was different. I am happy to say that after 3 months I am now close 60 kg.

Nischal Mehta
Medical Nutrition

One of the most erudite doctors I have ever met . Her diet chart's , workout regime's go hand in hand, and DELIVER the result . One of the best decisions ever made , thank you silky.

Human Nutrition

I recommended each n person to visit her..she is such an awesome lady she has all time to listen my question and answer ,,I met her with lot of health issue like acidity Read More...headache acne I was literally depressed with all the issues,, it’s been 2 months am following her diet and work out till date I have not taken even a single tablet my health is 100/100 I am really happy though it din work much on my weight.. health has improved a lot and my skin glows.. thank u somuch ma’am for all the support

Sri Devi
Medical Nutrition

Its been 6 months I am taking nutrition services from Silky Ma’am. I am a fitness freak and I joined the program with the purpose to improve my strength and stamina. Read More...After very detailed discussion, reviewing my blood reports etc she suggested me to follow the diet for one month first to understand my body response. I could feel the improvement from first month itself. After the first month, she altered my diet and that was the time when my journey towards becoming a beast took the drastic turn.

Dushyant Dewan
Fitness Nutrition

As soon as you enter you feel like motivated. Diet + Fitness combination worked like a magic for me. My Cholesterol levels were more than 245, Vitamin D Read More...was 15 and I was Diabetic. After following her diet and fitness recommendations for 6 months I managed to control by Diabetes. My Vitamin D and Cholesterol levels corrected to normal range. Thank you Doctor.

Amar Reddy
Medical Nutrition

Silky help me lose 14 kgs in 4 months, she has a great understanding of nutrition, I had pcod despite which silky 's efforts paid off so well, Read More...very happy and will recommend everyone who is trying to lead a healthy life should consult her, Without any medication I was able to lose weight which is worth appreciation

Akanksha Bajaj
Medical Nutrition

Great experience so far. Diet + Fitness recommendations given were scientific. She is carrying in-depth knowledge in nutrition and having practical experience. Read More...In addition to it genetic test has given added advantage. Strongly recommend Dt. Silky Mahajan. Worth spending money towards healthy lifestyle.

Kamna Mani
Genetic Nutrition
Disclaimer: Results vary based on multiple factors such as gender, age, genetics, activity factor & compliance on Diet & other instructions.
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