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What should
be there on your kids plate?

What children eat today will have a striking influence on their health throughout childhood and adolescence. Each nutrient is specific to a childs health as children have their unique body needs.

These nutrients are extremely important for a child as they help him/her learn and grow, physically and mentally.

As a parent, we should understand our childs diet and cater to their body requirements accordingly. Right nutrition prevents obesity and weight-related diseases, such as bone problems, early heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Unhealthy eating at a young age can develop problems that can continue until adulthood. We can guide them from birth through school how to become adventurous eaters with techniques of mindful eating.

A growing child needs nutrition that can meet his/her growing demands of the body, provide sufficient energy and stamina to sustain in school, with friends and at home.

A balanced diet offers all the nutrients in the required amount in proper proportions. We build a healthy and strong relationship between the food and the child. With the right advise, you can get started on the right foot and nourish your kid on a long-run.

Consult the best nutritionist in Bangalore Silky Mahajan for customized nutrition chart for your kid. A child nutritionist can guide your child's nutritional journey & give expert advice on balanced diets, growth, and lifelong healthy habits.

You can also book an online consultation with , Silky Mahajan from the comfort of your house. Follow on facebook to get the latest nutrition advice for your child.

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My daughter is into sports. though I used to try to feed her with as much nutritious food as possible, I noticed that she is not having enough stamina to perform her best. Read times she even found it tough to cope with regular work-outs and balance her studies.I first heard about Ms. Silky Mahajan through a friend. so I decided to give it a try. Now we have been associated with her for about 5 months and I am glad to say that I see a remarkable improvement in her stamina. She has learnt to eat healthy and has begun to understand the need for certain kind of diet for pursuing her goals in sports.

Verified Patient
Kids Nutrition
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Enrolled for sports nutrition for my kid. I can see very positive progress in my kid in terms of energy levels and overall health. Whenever my son comes Read More...back after meeting Silky I found him with full of positivity and smile on his face. She helped my son not only as nutritionist but as a good motivator too.

Verified Patient
Kids Nutrition
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Approached Dt. Silky Mahajan for kids nutrition. I found her very polite and extremely friendly. At the same time she understood the needs of my daughter very easily. Read More...We have noticed really good improvement in her health and eating habits. Best part is: not only my daughter we also understand clearly what is good and what is bad for our health. Her expertise in her field is really commendable. Her recommendations are totally evidence based and result oriented. Would recommend to everyone looking for healthier lifestyle.

Gaurav Gupta
Working Professional | Kids Nutrition
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My son is a passionate cricket player. He is strong, healthy, and practices every day. One day, his coach was telling us that we should give him the right Read More...type of foods before the game and after the game, and during other times so that he performs to his best. That’s when we checked out about the famous sports nutritionist, Silky Mahajan and we are very happy with the outcome.

Ankita Ghosh
Kids Nutrition
Disclaimer: Results vary based on multiple factors such as gender, age, genetics, activity factor & compliance on Diet & other instructions.
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