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A firm believer of investment in health, Silky Mahajan has been shaping the lives of young and old by sharing her secrets of healthy living for more than 13 years now. Her mantra for healthy living is Eating Right, rather than following a Strict Diet, for she doesn’t believe in restrictive diets.

While penning down her thoughts on healthy living in the book titled ‘Nutrition for Sportsperson’ published by the Department of Youth Empowerment, Sports, Government of Karnataka, she goes deep into the psychology of food and nutrition. Her daily experiences with clients at the Foods and Nutrition Clinic in Bangalore bring her closer to the secrets of healthy living each day.

Well-known for her expertise in the sphere of right eating, Silky has rebooted the lives of numerous men and women across the globe and influenced countless others through her pro-active columns and sessions. She is committed to transforming the lives of many through the magic wand of Right Eating combined with fitness exercises so that one can enjoy a risk-free, elated future.


At a young age, Silky had a keen interest in reading health and fitness related books which gained strength over time. Her shelves used to be swamped with magazines and nutrition guides at home. During the time to choose a career, her interests became a huge source of inspiration for her which she decided to share with the world. She strives for continuous improvement and strongly believes that teaching and learning is a life-long process.

Providing both Sports and Clinical Nutrition support, Silky Mahajan spends a lot of time getting to know her clients to ensure that a tailored nutrition plan is prepared that sticks and fits with their lifestyle, sets them up to move forward with long-term eating goals.

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