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What Does 200 Calories Look Like

What Does 200 Calories Look Like

200 calories?? Doesn’t sound like much. Especially when your daily calorie requirement is somewhere between 1500-2500.

Given that calories depend from person to person, based on gender, weight, age and various other factors; the calories consumed don’t change a bit no matter who consumes them.

If someone says 200 calories, it seems like nothing when we talk about desserts and fried food, but it seems like a lot in context to fruits and ‘healthy’ food.  So let’s take a look at some pictures of food depicting 200 calories to figure out how much is too much.

200 Calories

First is some fish, particularly salmon. This amount is great for a filling healthy snack. Add some vegetables or some vignettes to make it a perfect dinner.

Then comes 3 small pieces of brown bread – which is more than enough for a light snack. Pasta in that amount makes 200 calories, so you add some chicken or vegetables and mix it up in a great sauce to make it a healthy meal under 500 calories.

One full glass of white wine comes up to 92 calories, so you easily kick back and enjoy 2 glasses of wine! Potatoes – the best sin. French fries – an even deadlier sin! But be careful not to order a large amount, stick to a small portion for a quick snack.

Now don’t look at the brownies and get too excited, you’re allowed only one such piece because that’s around 190 calories.

White rice can be consumed in more than a mouthful though; you can enjoy one full bowl of white rice without worrying about more than 200 calories. 3 boiled eggs – the perfect healthy snack, which is astoundingly so filling is another snack under 200 calories.

One glass of full-fat milk comes up to 200 calories which is why is a recommended mid-night snack. Then we have one whole chicken breast, which can be spruced up with sauce or cooked in any manner without worrying about too many calories.

A plate full of fruit such as kiwi makes up 200 calories – now that’s a great way to feel full and be healthy! Black coffee makes up for barely 10 calories, if you have it with sugar that’ll be around 30-40 calories.

This means you’re allowed 5-8 cups a day (it’s safe to assume you will become a night owl after such consumption). If you like your coffee with milk and sugar, that’s almost 100 calories so you’re allowed 2 cups of that.

Well, now you know what 200 calories look like, in some cases, it’s barely a mouthful while it's more than a yummy meal in others. Another great way to make sure you’re snacking under 200 calories or consuming the necessary amount, check in a calorie counter app.

It allows you to record every food item and shows you the total amount of calories you consume. Here’s to some healthy snacking, some unhealthy binging (once in a while allowed), and an overall diet within your calorie budget. Njoy your healthy meal :)

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