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The Benefits Of Consulting An Online Nutritionist For Weight Gain 

nutritionist for weight gain
nutritionist for weight gain

Blog highlights - Explore the advantages of consulting a nutritionist for weight gain in Bangalore. Learn how tailored advice can optimize your health journey

We are all concerned about the way we look. This is because we live in a world where impressions are created within seconds. Thus, we all want to maintain a positive body image. However, it may happen sometimes that we become underweight or lose a lot of weight. This may happen due to genetics, the food we eat, or due to sickness. Thus, in times like these, we may want to look for options to gain weight.

This is where an nutritionist for weight gain can step in and make things easy for you. An online dietitian can provide you with expert tips to gain weight through personalized meal options and food guidance.

Thus, in this blog, we shall discuss the underlying factors that cause weight loss, along with the benefits of consulting an online nutritionist for weight gain.

So, read on to find out more!

Understanding underweight challenges

There can be different reasons as to why a person is underweight. There can also sometimes be multiple reasons for being underweight. Let's look at the reasons below.

understanding underweight challenges

1. Family history

Sometimes, a person can be underweight due to genetics. Maybe they can have a family history of being underweight. Thus, this type of physical characteristics may run in their family.

2. High metabolism

A person can also be underweight due to factors like high metabolism, which prevents them from gaining weight, even if they eat calorie-dense foods.

3. Frequent exercise or physical activity

If you engage in strenuous physical exercise like running or swimming, you may lose weight due to the excess calories getting burnt off.

4. Illness or chronic disease

Some diseases can cause you to be underweight, like cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, certain digestive conditions, and colitis.

5. Poor diet choices

Sometimes, poor diet choices, not eating regularly, and consistently eating junk food can cause you to be underweight.

Being underweight can have certain effects on your health:

  • A feeling of fatigue
  • Secretive behaviour
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Refusing to eat
  • Reclusiveness and refusal to attend social gatherings

Being underweight can also seriously affect our mental health, which can further worsen the condition.

How to understand if you are underweight

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that individuals use BMI or Body Mass Index to calculate if they are underweight. The BMI indication is a good way to understand if you are underweight, as it compares your height with your weight.

Some ranges for the BMI are:

  • Underweight if BMI < 18.5
  • Normal if BMI is within 18.5 – 24.9
  • Overweight if BMI is 25.0 – 29.9
  • Obese if BMI > 30

Thus, by referring to these ranges, you can calculate if you are underweight or normal.

The Role of Online Nutrition Professionals in Weight Gain

Can a nutritionist help me gain weight?" is probably a question you have asked yourself, too. And you aren't alone. Thousands of people have the same queries in their minds. And a nutritionist can indeed help you gain weight, that too naturally.

Thus, if you are someone who is underweight, you can consult a online nutritionist for weight gain.

An online nutritionist can help you set up a virtual meeting through which all details will be taken. An online nutritionist will consider your current weight, height, age, sex, weight goals, food habits, any underlying medical condition, food allergies, etc., before creating a custom diet plan for you.

Some of the benefits of working with an online nutritionist for weight gain are:

1. Accessibility

Your online nutritionist will be your point of contact for any issue related to diet and weight gain. You needn’t travel to her clinic physically. You can simply schedule an online consultation by connecting with your dietitian whenever you want.

This provides you with easy accessibility to diet and food support and any other questions that you may have with your weight gain goals.

2. Personalization

A nutritionist will help you customize your diet based on your eating habits, meal frequency, food choices, allergies, if any, age, metabolism, level of activity, and the lifestyle you lead.

Thus, you will get a diet plan that resonates with you, and you can follow that daily.

3. Empowerment

Working with a nutritionist will help you understand your body and also the role of food. This will allow you to make better and well-informed food choices and also inculcate healthy eating habits. Also, when you see your body changing, you will feel motivated to stick to your diet.

4. Flexibility

You can speak to your online nutritionist at any time of the day, right from the comfort of your own home. You can make use of modern technology like video conferencing or even telecalling to stay in touch with your dietitian. Thus, you can feel like you have their guidance over you at all times.

5. Ongoing support

A nutritionist will provide you with ongoing support even after you meet your health goals. Thus, you will be compelled to make better food choices in the future, which will strengthen your willpower and also educate you about different food items, macros, micros, and essential nutrients and minerals.

Nutrition and Diet Plans for Weight Gain

To gain weight, you need to eat more of calorie-dense whole foods. You also need to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Some food items that are best for weight gain are:

best food for weight gain
  • Lean protein sources like eggs, chicken, and fish
  • Whole milk and cheese
  • Brown rice
  • Nuts and nuts butter
  • Potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Quinoa, oats and even corn
  • Beans and legumes
  • Protein supplements

Apart from incorporating these food items into your diet, it is important to focus on eating a balanced diet.

A balanced diet comprises plant and animal proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats and oils, and even dairy products.

Moving on, let’s look at some practical tips given by nutritionists on gaining weight.

Start your day with healthy fats - Health tips by Silky Mahajan

How to Gain Weight According to a nutritionist ?

A nutritionist is an individual who is certified in providing weight gain or loss tips to individuals. Thus, it is best to put into use weight gain tips from a nutritionist to see faster results.

Some top tips given by nutritionist to gain weight are:

weight gain tips by a nutritionist

1. Eat more calories

If you are underweight, it means you are eating less than your total calorie needs. Thus, you need to keep track of the calories you are taking. If this sounds too troublesome for you, try to consciously increase your calorie intake every day. This means eating a little bit more than the previous day.

2. Increase your protein intake

Increasing your protein intake will also increase your lean muscle mass. This will help you increase your lean muscle mass and also help you add some extra pounds to your overall weight.

3. Eat more carbs and fats

You should try to eat plenty of carbs and good fats as they are filled with calories. Your daily meals should consist of an optimal balance between proteins, carbs, & fats.

4. Eat calorie-dense foods

It is important to eat whole foods like green vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, & nuts if you want to gain a healthy amount of weight naturally.

5. Eat at regular intervals

Eating at regular intervals can help you gain weight. Try to eat at least 5-6 times a day. This will ensure you get enough calories to be in a calorie surplus state.

6. Get good quality sleep

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for weight gain. Try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. This will keep your hormones balanced and also keep your mood uplifted. This will also ensure you make healthier food choices and not lean towards junk or unhealthy food.

Consultation Process and Practical Steps

An online nutritionist may be your ideal solution for weight gain. Unfortunately, however, many individuals hesitate to avail of such services due to various reasons; therefore, we have laid out here the entire process and made your journey to weight gain simpler.

As soon as you contact an online nutritionist for weight gain, your first meeting will be set up. In this meeting, the dietitian will take detailed notes about you, such as age, sex, BMI, height, food habits, weight goals, and food allergies, to create a customized diet plan guaranteed to work.

Once you receive a diet plan , they will provide guidance that outlines exactly how to adhere to it. Should any questions arise during this process, just reach out, and they would be more than willing to address them directly.

Your nutritionist will also conduct regular check-ins and meetings to review your progress and offer assistance as necessary.

Final thoughts

A nutritionist for weight gain will be your best option if you want to gain some extra pounds healthily and naturally. You will get professional guidance in your weight loss journey and will also feel motivated to stick to your diet.

So, if your current weight is bothering you and you feel like you are underweight, it's time to contact the best online nutritionist Silky Mahajan now!

From custom diet plans to one-on-one guidance, you can count on the best nutritionist for gaining weight, i.e. dietitian Silky Mahajan, to provide you with the ultimate weight gain guidance. So, no more worrying. It's time to start gaining!

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