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10 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System

10 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System
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Overall your immune system does a very good job of keeping you healthy and well, but you’ve got to do your bit to keep it at it’s a game.

It could never hurt to take some care of your immunity! You could eat well, go for regular checkups and always eat your vitamins.

But is that bare minimum enough to keep it on track? Diet, age, exercise, lifestyle as well and environmental factors play a huge role in the working of your immunity system.

10 Easy Tips That Will Help You to Boost Your Immunity

1. Get Some Sleep 

As per research, your immunity system only produces half the amount of antibodies than it usually would when you haven’t got enough sleep.

That will ultimately increase your susceptibility to any illness. The easiest and most relaxed way to boost your immunity is to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

2. Stress is Never Good

Everyone has problems in life – home, family, financial, but they should be avoided as much as possible. When you stress, your body produces ‘stress hormones’ which suppress the working of your immunity system. Join a meditation class but don’t let the stress get to your body. 

3. Kale is the New Spinach

Vegetables like broccoli, kale and cabbage support the liver's ability to flush out toxins while also directly boosting your immune system. Go vegetarians!

4. Don’t Be a Couch Potato

Exercising, which could also be a 20-minute walk, will really stimulate the lymphatic system, increase oxygenation and increase the production of leukocytes – a cell that helps fight infection.

You’re going to be living healthy and helping your immunity! Win-win situation.

5. Mushrooms Are Good

Medicinal and Japanese mushrooms are filled with antioxidants and immunity boosters. There’s a wide variety so try a new one every time!

6. Avoid Sweeteners and Sugar

Consuming 75 grams of sugar will reduce the ability of the WBCs to overpower and destroy the bacteria. Opt for fresh fruits and flavored teas to complete your sugar cravings.

7. Bmi Matters

Shape and size really don’t matter, but having the right weight for your height and age really does. Use our BMI calculator to find your correct BMI.

Higher numbers of fat cells tend to trigger a series of events which eventually lead to a diminishing immunity system.

8. Eat Your Vitamins

Sounds like such a cliche but they’re really important. Each vitamin has a different property to boost one's immunity.

9. Say Bye to Cigarettes and Alcohol

Well, that title would certainly ruin a Friday night for most people.

But apart from what these items do to your body, they majorly undermine your immunity system. It’s almost like causing intentional bacteria in your body!

10. Live, Love, Laugh

Well, the key word here is laugh. By laughing, you’re automatically distressing while also unintentionally allowing your body to produce more WBCs. Watch a good comedy and let the magic begin.

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