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How Do You Read Food Labels For Beginners?

How To Read The Labels Of A Food Product th
Food product labels.

Food Labels are your guide to understanding the nutrient value along with other relevant information of the foods that you choose. Reading the food label can help you in:

  • Identifying the nutrients present in the food, drink or dietary supplements
  • Ascertaining the amount of sugar, trans fat and fiber content present in the item.
  • Comparing different items and deciding the best choice.
  • Taking note of ingredients that you should avoid.

5 Easy Steps To Help You Read Nutrition Information On Food Labels

  1. Serving Size: You should compare the recommended serving size with the amount that you eat. Servings may be indicated in terms of pieces, grams or cups
  2. Watch the calories: Take care of a number of servings of carbs, fats, and proteins in the food
  3. Percent (%) Daily Value: This suggests if the intake of specific nutrients is high or low in terms of recommended amounts to be consumed.
  4. Get enough of these: Sufficient quantities of vitamins, proteins and fiber and minerals are required in the daily diet.
  5. Limit these: Limit sugar, fat, trans fat and sodium consumption, as the excess of these, is not recommended.

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