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How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule?

How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule?
How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule?

Working out and staying fit might be on your do-to list every day. But honestly ask yourself how often you actually check it off your list.

Yes, you want to work out but there are other things that come first – meetings, taxes, work, office, family etc.

This busy lifestyle really turns your whole system upside down, from sleeping to eating to exercising. But staying super healthy is just as important as your super busy lifestyle.

The most important step is to prioritize and commit. The way you prioritize work and ensure its completion within the time frame you give yourself, the same way you must commit to your work out.

If you don’t have the time to hit the gym then use pre planned short work outs. Now days so many work out apps are also available.

Not to forget the medieval (yet most efficient) means like walking, cycling, skipping etc.

It’s always better to choose something over nothing! You really don’t need one whole hour of a vigorous work out; even half an hour is good enough.

Circuit training is another great alternative to work out with a time crunch – it raises the heart rate and strengthens the muscles – win win situation!


Consistency is essential. You can’t work out for 2 days and expect to see results on the third day! No matter how busy your day might be, it’s essential to exercise for at least half an hour everyday to achieve results.

It is scientifically proven that our body takes 21 days to develop a certain habit; so after you push yourself for 3 weeks it will eventually seem normal.

Your daily physical activity must be creative. Take the stairs to work or up to your house. Avoid lifts and use the stairs instead buy a treadmill or a cycle and keep it in the corner of your office or room to use whenever possible.

Go for a walk on the golf course the day the weather is to die for. Use different methods of exercise to ensure that 30 minute daily dose!


Prefer stairs in stead of lifts in your office. Try to walk after dinner, it'll help with the digestion and exercise. Try to squeeze in a walk during breaks and lunch. If possible you can even schedule a "walking meeting".

Walk around terminals while waiting for your public transport. If you drive yourself then try to park far away so that you can walk just a little.

Avoid fast food and drive in's, try to find a healthier food option. Try reading or watching TV while you walk on a treadmill or use a stationary cycle.

Even our pets are becoming fatter, take your dog out for a walk to help both of you. It's little bits of exercise like this which will help you stay healthy and fit!

If you do end up missing your workout for whatever reason, then make sure you make up for it sometime during the weekend.

Try to work out as much as you can during your breaks, even when you watch TV you could do some exercises during the commercial breaks. It’s all about forming that mindset.

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