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The Most Popular Superfoods of 2023

The Most Popular Superfoods of 2016
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With the beginning of 2023, it's time to be trending with the new ‘superfoods’ of this year! Last year people were either ‘strictly vegetarians’ or were eating gluten-free food.

Instagram was also flooded with pictures of frozen yogurts and fancy smoothies.

Even coconut water was rather in, especially for all the fitness freaks.

So Here’s Top 6 Super Foods That Should Be Considered This Year


Celery is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K and various other antioxidants with nutritional value. It also has some tricks up its sleeve aka phytonutrients, which provide anti-inflammatory benefits!

It is also the best crunchy low-calorie veggie to eat with some dip – the healthy kind of finger food!

Green Tea 

It helps in weight loss, it's good for your hair and skin, it’s the best replacement for tea or coffee and it even combats allergies!

This magic liquid can also boost eyesight, reduce cholesterol levels, and promote oral health while also helping one relax. Wow, so much in one cup.


They’re a great source of vitamin K, vitamin C, fiber and other essential nutrients. Some surveys even suggest that sprouts have therapeutic benefits and could even prevent diseases – goodbye flu!

They can be added to salads, sandwiches, soups or even snuck into pastas and stuffed chicken. Sprouts have more volume and few calories so they do help in your weight loss process.


They’re a great source of calcium, they’re super filling thus making them the healthiest mid-day meal and they look pretty!

Strawberry, papaya shake, banana-honey, chocolate, banana-strawberry .. you name the flavor and it could be presented to you.

It’s the new soya milk for fitness fanatics and the best way to make your kids get some calcium in their bodies.


Walnuts contain some rare and powerful antioxidants that have varying benefits – from cancer-fighting properties to preventing heart-related problems to a reduction in type 2 diabetes.

Just like an almond, a walnut also improves brain health and is highly recommended! Another added factor is that walnuts help in weight loss and over time help you maintain your ideal weight.


Pancakes are honestly underrated items on any menu. They could range from gym-fit-healthy to heavenly-chocolate-overdose. They’re the perfect breakfast – topped with maple syrup or maybe made with a banana filling.

Have you ever had ham and cheese pancakes? They’re to die for. Pancake desserts go from healthy with fruit to topped with Belgium chocolate mousse – each bite is better than the other! And the best part is they’re super easy to make at home.

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