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Do’s and Don’ts for Weight Loss

Do’s and Don’ts for Weight Loss
Do’s and Don’ts for Weight Loss

Clean eating? Check. Regular workouts? Calorie counting? Well, yeah. Yet you can’t lose weight? No matter how hard you try, the weighing scale just doesn’t seem to reduce those double digits.

It’s like the fat in your body is refusing to leave, just like a clingy bf/gf. So we came up with a list to debunk the myths about losing weight.

Tips to Achieve Your Target Body Weight

Control Your Carb and Sugar Intake

Don’t fall for these zero-calorie drinks and 1 gm net carb “bread”. Even multi-grain bread contains carbs.

It’s all just a hoax. Be aware of what you’re eating, and portion size and don’t just believe what’s written on the label.

Anyway, after the whole Maggi wave that shook up our country and its youth; it’s time to be a little more aware about what is actually going inside your body.

It’s not possible to give up carbs completely, but try to have them in a balanced proportion. Processed foods and supposed “diet sodas” should be a total no-no.

Drink Lots of Water

Even when you decide to go on a detox or a cleanse, have lots of water and fiber-rich foods.

Loss of fluid without medical supervision is risky, but combining that with fasting is even worse. Make sure you have around 8-12 glasses of water a day!

The reason behind this is that if you stop having water then the kidney slows down which increases the workload of the liver.

If the liver is working too hard then it starts to store fat instead of burning it.

Get Adequate Sleep

A minimum of 7-8 hours a night is needed. Sleep deprivation causes the release of cortisol i.e. a fat-storing hormone.

The maximum amount of fat-burning hormone is released during deep sleep! Speaking of good habits, while you try to inculcate these it’s time to let go of the bad habits.

And that means alcohol, smoking and other such habits. Nicotine might be a weight suppressant substance but the withdrawal symptoms include major hunger binges.

Alcohol is basically the refined juice of natural foods which basically makes it pure concentrated sugar. That will, without doubt, make you gain fat easily 

It’s a proven fact that breakfast skippers weigh more than those who eat breakfast. The worst thing to do while attempting to lose weight is to skip any meal.

Those who skip a meal usually end up consuming more calories than those who eat all three meals. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and should never be missed! A good breakfast contains equal amounts of protein and fiber.

Apart from this, don’t over-exercise but don’t forget to have your daily dose of physical activity. Work on your willpower skills to give up the dessert-lover life and move towards healthy eating.

Good eating habits and regular exercise are a lifestyle; not only to lose weight but also to remain fit and healthy!

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