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Healthy snack options to curb the hunger

Aim for healthy choices and whole foods as mentioned below. Avoid processed/junk foods and sugary drinks. These healthy options are not only beneficial to curb the hunger in between major meals but also helpful in overall well-being and healthy lifestyle.

  • Replace sugary drinks with: Lemon water, Sattu drink, Butter milk, Green tea, Ragi ganji with butter milk, Coconut water
  • Replace namkeens/chips with: Puffed rice, Baked mathris, Roasted channa, Makhana
  • Try to add good salads in between meals: Corn/Sprouted salad, Puffed rice salad, Peanut salad, Mixed vegetable salad, Fruit salad, Jowar flakes,Soy flakes, Egg whites
  • Yoghurt with fruits or muesli can also be the part of the snacks
  • Whole fruit is easy to carry
  • Mixed dry fruits
  • Sandwiches (Paneer/Sprouts/Spinach/Corn + Spinach)

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Disclaimer: Results vary based on multiple factors such as gender, age, genetics, activity factor & compliance on Diet & other instructions.
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