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Diabetics & Mangoes: A Healthy Choice or Risky Treat?

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A lot of my clients approached me recently because of few posts shared on whether mangoes are good or bad for diabetic people. In simple words:

Eating low-glycemic index foods (GI value <=55) is considered as an important tool to control diabetes. If we look at the glycemic index of mango, it is 51 which gives us an indication that: it is safe to eat a mango. But, the question here is

Eating Mangoes Without Portion Control? A Big No!

Specifically for diabetic people, I really don’t recommend any fixed rule (for example eat 1/2 bowl or one slice per day) to eat mangoes because it depends on multiple factors including sugar levels.

Top 5 Key Considerations for Diabetics Eating Mangoes

  1. If you are pre-diabetic then you can enjoy mango provided you are maintaining the portion size e.g. 1/2 cup
  2. Keep a track of the total carbohydrates intake in a day. FYI, 1/2 cup of mango contains 35 gms carbohydrates
  3. If sugar levels are too high then it’s always good to eat mangoes under expert advice. Even a single slice of mango can spike up the blood sugar levels in highly diabetic people
  4. Avoid eating mango with other high carb food or food with high glycemic index. Instead can be eaten as in between snack.
  5. It's always good to consult Diabetologist or Diabetes educator to avoid any health risk.


As a diabetic person you can enjoy mango provided you maintain the portion size, cut down and keep a track of total carbohydrates intake in a day, exercise regularly and stay stress-free.

If you have any questions regarding nutrition tips or weight management, please schedule an online appointment for a diet consultation with Dt. Silky Mahajan for expert guidance.

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